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 MEDIBOX™ is an exciting web based solution that provides a reliable solution to the medical market. Its features include: 

  • Multi-disciplined – can be applied to the ANY medical practitioner regardless of size, discipline or PMA
  • Tried, tested and approved.
  • MSR driven and Medical Scheme Administrator approved
  • Customised according to the practice requirements (Balance billing, contracts, insured benefits, cash practice)
  • Current (up-to-date), accurate, industry “FIRST choice” (Administrator “stamp-of-approval”)
  • Affordable, value for money
  • Easy-to-use
 All our packages offer: 
  • Secure connection with HTTPS, using an 128-bit SSL certificate, to ensure confidentiality for your data.
  • Free Support (available by phone, email and live chat).
  • Your account gets automatically upgraded as soon as new features/fixes are released.
  • MEDIBOX™ is not ad-supported.


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